A rainy day lamington

Yesterday, I drove out to Carina in the rain with the sole purpose of buying a lamington from The Flour Monkey Bakery. A little bakery with loads of character, The Flour Monkey was bustling when I stepped inside from the drizzle. The service was friendly and efficient despite the bustle and I was back out in the rain with my lamington in no time at all. The Flour Monkey is everything a local bakery should be, my only complaint is that it is not in my neighbourhood.

I was a solo lamington eater this weekend, which was a little lonely. On the way home from the Flour Monkey I had given my lamington a little sqeeze and finding that it was soft and springy, felt a little sad that there would be no other lamington lovers to share in the joy of a well-made lamington.

Stuck in traffic on the way home, I was very, very tempted to eat this lamington in the car. I mustered all my self-control, however, so that I could take a few pictures before it was reduced to a sprinkling of leftover coconut. Cutting the Flour Monkey lamington in half gave me even greater hope that this would be a delicious lamington. The sponge was the perfect colour and the icing was still moist. It was probably fortunate that I was not eating with company because I devoured this lamington in under a minute. And it was fantastic. With the rain thundering against the roof, I felt really happy and contented with my lamington (however briefly) and a cup of ginger tea.

The Flour Monkey’s lamington had just one shortcoming and that was that the thickness of the icing was not uniform. One side had the optimum amount of icing and was just divine, but the other side of the lamington was a little scant on icing. If both halves had been coated as beautifully as the left half, this lamington would have been nigh on perfect. That said, this was one of the best lamingtons I have eaten in the last few months, and I’ll certainly be picking up some more lamingtons from The Flour Monkey when our judging panel is convened again. No monkey business here, these guys definitely know how to make a lamington.

The Verdict: 8.6

The Flour Monkey Bakery Carina | 889 Old Cleveland Rd, Carina


Lamingtons $2.20 each


10 thoughts on “A rainy day lamington

  1. You have great self-control, confining your lamington eating to just Sundays! Just in case you didn’t know about it, there is a National Lamington Day. This year it was Friday 20 July and there was a special celebration at the birth place of the lamington – Old Government House in Brisbane. http://www.ogh.qut.edu.au/news/2012/news6.jsp Last time I was there, the cafe in Old Government House served lamingtons made on the original recipe.
    BarMerlo QUT
    Old Government House, QUT
    Gardens Point Campus
    P: 07 3138 9906
    Mon to Thu 7am-5pm & Fri 7am-4pm

    • Hi Dianne, thank you very much for the info. Unfortunately, I did miss National Lamington Day this year, but I wont let it pass me by next year now that my lamington blog is up and running. I hope they will have a Lamington Day celebration at Old Government House again next year, seems like the perfect way to celebrate! And we’ll have to see if the original recipe lives up to its fame 🙂

  2. Hi Nicole 🙂 it’s my first time here and wow you are really a lamington fan hehe all your posts are about finding the best lamington! That’s so great! You really need to go to Flour and Stone because I believe that they truly have the most amazing lamington hehe

  3. Although I’m no officiando (unlike you!), lamingtons can be really good or really bad. It doesn’t take much to make it go either way. I love the teacup in the pic above! I have the same one but mine is very well worn.

  4. Hello! i discovered your lovely blog earlier in the week, and i’m enjoying reading back thru your entries. so wonderful, and makes me realise i haven’t had a lamington in a very long time. i’m in hobart so i can’t take use your reviews, but you make lovely reading. i’ll be back!

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