A breakfast lamington

I bought this week’s lamington at Gerbino’s in Kelvin Grove. This lamington looked really promising, it’s non-uniform shape conjured up images of an old nanna in her country kitchen whipping up an afternoon tea of lamingtons.

This lamington looked so good I ate it for breakfast as soon as I arrived home. It felt soft and light and looked just like a good lamington should – a little bit wonky and imperfect! I’m not sure if lamingtons meet the nutritional requirements of what is considered a healthy breakfast, but given that one of the hallmarks of a good blog is apparently regularity, I need to fit lamingtons into my diet somewhere.

The standout feature of this lamington was the chocolate icing, it was moist, thick and rolled in just the right amount of coconut. The icing was so wonderfully thick, it was as though this sponge had been twice dipped in delicious, sticky chocolate. The drawback was the sponge which was just the slightest bit dry. Of course, I am a little picky, but one has to be when in search of the perfect lamington!

This lamington was really really good, but the slightly dry sponge meant it fell just short of excellent.

*I actually ate this lamington for breakfast on Saturday, because Gerbino’s Kelvin Grove store is not open on Sundays.

The verdict: 7.9

Gerbino’s Pasticceria | Shop 10A, 57 Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove



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