Just another Lamington Sunday

I grabbed this little lamington at Kelvin Lee Hot Bread on Musk St as I was leaving the Kelvin Grove market. When I laid eyes on the cake display, I had high hopes. Each lamington had been individually cling-wrapped to keep it fresh. It was perhaps not a sign of environmental friendliness, but I felt sure it was a sign that they took their lamingtons seriously. In the afternoon, I sat down to unpack my woolly biscuit alongside a cup of tea. It felt nice and light, and some extra coconut had been packed into the cling-wrap to ensure no chocolate went uncovered. I began to wonder if this Vietnamese hot bread lamington was going to be the dark horse to draw ahead in our lamington race. I like to cut my lamingtons in half before I taste them in order to get a good idea of what I am dealing with. And so I cut my Kelvin Lee lamington in two, revealing (to my horror) that the sponge cake had been singed in the oven. One side of the lamington was dark brown and tasted a little burnt. This was a shame because the icing was wonderfully moist and the un-burnt sponge was tasty. I’m sorry Kelvin Lee hot bread, but you should have cut off that burnt edge. I’ll be back to give you a second chance in the future, and maybe try one of those yummy-looking Vietnamese rolls.

My verdict: 5.3

I gave our novice taster a chunk of the Kelvin Lee lamington to eat (from the good side) and he contributed the following:

Brittle, non-descript and although a promise and hint of fluffiness to the touch it did not deliver once in the mouth. Coconut exterior was good, but the added coconut padding on top a tad too much of a good thing.

Novice Rating: 5.7

Overall: 5.5  😦

Kelvin Lee Hot Bread | 48 Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove

$2.90 each


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