The First Lamington Sunday

This Sunday marked our first morning tea dedicated to the task of lamington tasting. What better place to begin our quest for Australia’s best than in the state which lays claim to the creation of the humble lamington. This morning, we sampled lamingtons from three different bakeries. The sources of our lamingtons were arbitrary; we simply bought lamingtons where we knew we could find them.

We judged each lamington according to a rigorous and meticulous methodology. Each lamington received a final score out of ten, taking into account texture, flavour, freshness, and appearance. We’re not quite the CWA, but we’re confident we know a good lamington when we meet one.

This Sunday we were three. Myself, The Traditionalist, I believe a lamington should only be chocolate, no cream, no jam, no funny business. Our second judge is also a lover of the lamington, but perhaps a fairer, less critical judge. She had something nice to say about every lamington – so we’ve labelled her The Diplomat. Our trio was rounded off by a European who was not even sure if he had even eaten a lamington before. He is, therefore, The Novice.

The Yeronga Bakery & Cafe Lamington – 6.7/10

This lamington featured a darker chocolate icing than we thought was usual. It felt light and soft to touch, so we felt hopeful. At $2.95 each, this is your run-of-the-mill lamington. We ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ over this  little lamington. In the end, we felt underwhelmed and uninspired. The sponge was a little dry and the icing was just not quite right. The chocolate had a bitter taste, almost a saltiness. For me, this lamington typified what the average Australian lamington has become – just a little, well, average.

The Diplomat: 7

The Traditionalist: 6

The Novice: 7

The Giant Lamington – Kelvin Grove Village Markets 8/10

This colossal treat comes covered in ganache and shredded coconut, with an extra layer of chocolate ganache spread through the middle for good measure. I admit I was wary of this one, the shredded coconut looked just a tad too trendy for me. Obviously more open-minded in her lamington approach than me, The Diplomat exclaimed, “Oooh, I like the shredded coconut.”  At $5.50, it’s good value for money and is really a lamington to be shared. The proof was in the eating, and this was an impressive lamington. The shredded coconut and ganache made it feel more substantial than your usual lamington. The sponge was a little heavy, but perhaps it needs to be to carry all that ganache.  The sponge cake was also quite yellow (perhaps indicating the addition of custard powder in the sponge mixture – we know what the CWA ladies would say about that). All in all though, this lamington went down well with a cup of tea. We decided it was deserving of our “Best New Age Lamington” title for innovation.

The Traditionalist: 7.5

The Diplomat: 8.5

The Novice: 8

The Davies Bakery Tarragindi Lamington 9.2/10

This lamington knocked my socks off! It was a beautifully conducted symphony of sponge, chocolate, and coconut. Have we found Australia’s best lamington on the first day of our lamington quest? We were all impressed by the delicate sponge encased within the chocolate and coconut. It was fresh, springy, delicate. Absolutely divine. “Ok, ok, now I see why you like lamingtons so much,” declared The Novice. At $3 each or 6 for $10, it’s worth getting the half dozen.

The Diplomat: 8.7

The Traditionalist: 9

The Novice: 10

Perhaps three varieties of lamington in one sitting was a tad too ambitious, shortly after my third lamington had been devoured my belt burst open in defeat. Next Sunday I’ll wear my stretchy pants.

The Lamingtons

Kelvin Grove Village MarketsBlamey St, Kelvin Grove, Every Saturday

Yeronga Bakery & Cafe429 Fairfield Road, Yeronga

Davies Bakery Tarragindi | 4/6 Gapap Street, Tarragindi


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